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#Klimastreik am 20. September: Zusammen mit Fridays for Future auf die Straße!

Climate strike on the 22th of October 2021

The German election showed: climate protection is the most important factor for voters. This is a big result of our protest. However, the climate crisis and the extinction of species will not be stopped that easy. The political decisions of the next four years will determine if we are able to meet the German contribution to the 1,5°C-limit of the Paris Climate Agreement. The new government needs to introduce strong measures in the coalition agreement for a consequent climate protection before it’s too late.

Our message is clear: climate protection is non-negotiable. All eyes are on Berlin, when on the 22th of October, people of all ages demonstrate on the streets together with Fridays for Future. We can increase the pressure at the negotiating table for a new coalition. Nevertheless, this will only work if we show up in big numbers.

From the future government, we demand:

  • an exit of coal production by 2030 and no more people losing their homes to the mining of coal.
  • a raise to 80% renewable energy production on the gross power consumption until 2030 – compatible with social and environmental standards. We need measures for the reduction of power usage as well as investments in the development of alternatives to fossil gas, e.g. green hydrogen.
  • investments in public transport and a bike-friendly infrastructure. All new highway projects need to be stopped immediately. A date needs to be introduced towards an end of cars with a combustion engine.
  • the advocation for a climate and environmentally friendly agriculture with fair revenues for the producers as well as an appropriate and area-bound livestock breeding. Subsidies must be bound to ecological standards.
  • an initiation of a socio-ecological transformation in the economy as well as an investment in climate friendly technologies and processes - public and private - instead of continuing to subsidize harmful economical branches and behaviours.
  • the creation of good wages and a welfare state based on solidarity, so electricity, housing, food and mobility are affordable and climate friendly at the same time.
  • the promotion of global climate justice and at least a doubling of the German climate investments until 2025. The more we invest now, the less we have to pay in the future.
  • an active advocation against climate-damaging agreements like CETA or EU-Mercosur as well as private arbitration courts. Besides, we demand a collective exit from the Energy Charta Treaty with as many EU-member states as possible in order to stop lawsuits against the closing of coal mines from companies in front of secret arbitration courts.

Be a part! On the Friday, 22th of October, we are calling for the central climate strike together with Fridays for Future in Berlin. We demonstrate with face masks and distance. Together with people from all parts of the society, we demand more ambitious climate politics that lead us out of this crisis. Join us for a good future for everyone!